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TLK International Inc.  is a staffing & talent acquisition firm located in Fredonia, NY. Our commitment is to provide effective, efficient and optimal IT personnel  and services to meet our clients needs – both onshore and offshore. We specialize in placing both full-time and contract based resources to meet our clients needs.

Message from the President

"We are Committed to Excellence and we believe that hiring talented, hardworking employees is among the most important business decisions you will ever make. As a true partner, we pride ourselves on being able to consistently provide outstanding candidates to each and every business sector we serve."

Joseph Piede--President

After graduation from Michigan Technological University, Joe joined the American Peace Corps. Serving two years working in a rural village location in South India, Joe began his love and appreciation for India and it's diverse population.

In 1995, Joe founded TLK International, Inc., initially an importing/exporting business between the United States and India. In 1998, a second company dealing with India was created. CCE Software is a computer software development company with offices in both Fredonia, Kolkata and Bangalore, India. With over 20 years experience in the computer software development business, it has been a natural transition to expand this business into IT Programmer Placement.

Add strength to your recruiting strategy with the assistance of a trusted partner, TLK International Inc.

" Today's businesses are challenged with staying ahead of the latest trends and

competitive developments.  Technology alone does not offer a competitive advantage.

Success depends on how technology is applied - through your workforce.

Our staffing solutions will help you secure and optimize the most strategic and

variable component to your success - your employees. "

TLK International, Inc

 Finding You The Leaders Of Tomorrow

20 Casa Bella, Drive  Fredonia, NY, USA

Office: 716 672 2433  |  Cell: 716 679 8229   |   tlkinternational.com  |  tlkjoe333@gmail.com

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